Sunday, January 8, 2012

It all won't fit...

ONE WEEK PEOPLE. One week until I leave for London! I'm such a nerd for blogging about my pre-departure but who cares I'M GOING TO FREAKING LONDON.  Today I put out a majority of the clothes I plan on bringing and let's just say the pile takes up an entire twin I better , or not pack so much  find a suitcase the size of said bed. Everything is getting in order, I got my pre-departure packet in the mail the other day and stayed up until 3am reading over the incredibly detailed itinerary for orientation week. I'd be lying if I said I didn't pee my pants a little in excitement when reading the itinerary because about 3 pages in I saw the words "West End" and "Wicked". We have the option of seeing either Les Miserables or Wicked at the theater and because I have seen and listened to my dad sing the 24601 Jean Val Jean redemption song  the soundtrack from Les Mis to no end, I would really pass out from excitement love to see Wicked. Given that last time I saw it on Broadway with my gingerly friend, Kelley Anne, we were a bit distracted because we were casually climbing over the rows of people and gawking at  sitting behind the Jonas Brothers and trying to see how tight their pants were we were a bit star-shocked!

  That first week in London will mainly consist of me trying to keep up with the tight schedule. They have us taking a bus tour of the city, along with a Harry Potter Sights Tour and trip to Westminster Abbey. I'll have to keep my camera charged so I can take pictures of myself in front of tons of historical buildings and scenes so that you all can shamelessly stalk me on Facebook.

  This last week at home will consist of me trying to fit everything in my bags and mentally preparing for the massive amounts of crying that will happen at the airport before I head to my gate in JFK. Not sad crying, but excited/nervous/Woody-and-Katie-withdrawal tears. It'll be good thought. I have a casual THREE HOURS to sit at the gate and (naturally) meander around the terminal looking for gum, trashy magazines and randos sleeping in the oddly placed outlets near the restrooms (for real though, why don't those people just go sit in a chair at the gate and snooze, not need for crunchy travelers to spoon each other outside the ladies' room).

This is the part of my blog where I wish I could write a farewell or send off in a different language and sound way cooler and worldly, but in England they speak English so Au Revoir or something cool like that doesn't fit here.

So we'll do this the Amurrrrrican (and KAC) way- "BYEEEEEE" until my next post!

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