Sunday, January 15, 2012


Naturally during my last day in America, I am doing classic white girl american things... getting a mani pedi, watching the Kardashians and spelling color without a U. I have packed both, yes BOTH of my suitcases and thanks to the ever-so-fabulous Miss Jordyn Good and family, I can fit a small child in one of them but I decided to put clothes and shoes in it instead. My nerves are starting to get the best of me as my departure comes closer and closer and I'm starting to realize the things I will miss while I'm away. I'm obviously going to miss Pretty Little Liars with Devon my parents and Lewis' first season playing college lacrosse and all of my friends at URI, but everyone is wishing me well and I know I will have the time of my life.

I've been trying to calculate the time change and how much of a zombie I will be for the first day or so... conclusion is that I will most likely fall asleep within 5 seconds of my head hitting the pillow. Hopefully I can keep my eyes open ( I mean that's what Diet Pepsi is for right?). Guaranteed I won't sleep tonight because I'll be so wired but then maybe I can pack and then re-pack my carry-on, which of course is just my backpack. But do you know how much stuff I have to put in this backpack? I have to fit my laptop, Kindle, departure folder and packets, camera, makeup bag, plugs, mittens, 12 vials of insulin, 5 backup insulin epipens AND my purse. I can't even fit my teddy bear (if you're laughing at the fact that I still have a teddy bear, you're insensitive and frankly we shouldn't be friends anymore) so now I have to cram him into the Good's loaner suitcase where he will definitely feel claustrophobic. Thanks, Toy Story for making me think that my stuffed animals come to life whenever I leave the room- now I'll be worried about Teddy riding in cargo while I watch 7 hours of Workaholics.

I should jus stop now before I embarrass myself ramble on any further. This time tomorrow I'll be saying Haster Laveester to Amurrica and TALLY HO  to England!

See you all in 4 months! Expect postcards with an excessive amount of stamps on them soon!

Thank You, Good Family for this DEISEL suticase!
England may not be ready for this... a lot of things probably aren't ready for this...

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