Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Countdown Begins!

HOLY HALIBUT BATMAN- I leave for London in 3 1/2 weeks!
    Now that finals are over I'm full steam ahead on preparing myself for my semester abroad! I've been living on Google Maps and stalking the street view option to see where I may be living, what shops and restaurants are around and how far away I am from Prince Harry (I know some of you may be all "PRINCE WILLIAM IS SO MUCH HOTTER" but guys- he's married and I have to stay true to my ginger folk). 
   I've been talking a lot with my good friend Ashley Davis (WHO ALSO BLOGS!), who is studying in the UK for an entire school year. I've been asking her all of my annoying questions about what to pack, what NOT to pack, what to see when I first get there and of course, how to handle jet lag. It's been a tremendous help to have someone over in the UK that I know and can give me tips as I get ready to leave. It would not be an ideal situation to be going into this experience completely blind. 
   So in these next few weeks at home I will be probably be packing and re-packing my suitcases to make sure everything fits, babysitting like a fool to make some extra money and lastly, finding the most polite way to explain to people that I am not Ginny Weasley and I do have a soul. Also, I have to perfect my silly walk to present to the Ministry of Silly Walks and John Cleese upon my arrival into Heathrow. 
   Haster Lavister (K.Resch shout out) until my next post!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm a Blogger...I Blog Now.

So it finally happened. I'm blogging. Guys....I'M BLOGGING. I never thought I'd see the day. Now everyone gets to pretend like they're with me in Jolly Ole England next semester!
I actually don't leave for a few weeks but I'm pretty excited, especially after going to a pre-departure meeting held by the program I am going to study abroad through, AIFS.
The meeting put a lot of things into perspective for me. I will be away from home for 4 whole months. The longest amount of time I have ever gone without seeing my friends and family. --I think my stomach just did a somersault--.
I'm sitting here in my bed at URI, watching the Grinch and YES, simultaneously blogging (how do I do it?), while my roommates and friends are all in the study lounge outside my door, ready to claw their eyes out over 45 page study guides and Bio Chem notes. It's finals week by the way...a Communication Major's slightly-not-so-stressfull time to catch up on The League and all the Real Housewives episodes.

 Anyway...I only 2 finals to take this semester and I'm all done at URI until senior year! My friends are probably reading this right now and are getting ready to shank me with a protractor. Better type quick- I'm super excited to get home for christmas break and see all my high school friends and spend some time with my family before I head to JFK on January 16th for my non-stop flight to Heathrow!

More to come soon- have to get back to painting my nails and aimlessly stumbling upon cat videos on youtube!