Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I See Famous People Everywhere I Go...Everywhere I Go...

  Over the past six or seven weeks of being in London, I've come to realize something... I see (or think I see) famous people all over the place. I thought I saw this dude: 
This dude's name is Dylan Baker, some of you may recognize him for his smaller roles in tv shows such as Ugly Betty, House, Kings, and recently as Katherine McPhee's father on the new hit series SMASH airing on NBC Mondays at 10/9c (give me a job NBC I'd be perf for your business). I recognized him right away as Peter Parker's teacher Doctor Conners from Spider-Man 2 and 3. Needless to say I geeked out a little and considered following this man on the streets of Picadilly Circus, but then realized it wasn't him. Just one of those faces I guess...

    I've had other spottings as well- The other night while in China Town I could have SWORN I saw the guy who plays Commodore Norington in the Pirates Of the Caribbean films and tugged at the sleeve of my friend and managed to stutter out the words that let her knew I thought I'd had a celebrity sighting again. My friends are used tot his by now...every time we are out somewhere I always find someone whom I recognize from the pluthera of television and movies I watch. I then attempt to approach them, only to have them scurry away before I can get a good look at their face and/or blurt out "HEY AREN'T YOU SO-AND-SO FROM THAT THING?". I'll openly admit that about 80% of the time I'm dead-ass wrong about the person being famous. But I still haven't learned my lesson.
Don't look all Concernicus dude, you're hair will get...whiter. 

     BUT. Today, February the twenty-eighth the year two thousand twelve, I, Margaret P. Thompson- saw a famous person on these very streets of Kensington, London, UK. I was just bopping along listening to some Hall & Oats Best Hits (specifically this song ---> CLICK ME !!) while wearing the most disgusting outfit I've donned while living in London, yoga pants, neon sneakers and a sweatshirt with my hair in a side pony and a Yankee's hat (settle down Sox fans) to shield my whiter-than-whitegirlproblems face from the sun, when BAM. THER HE WAS. Waling down Gloucester Road in a  hoodie, shorts and Yankee's hat (TWINSIES)...HENRY CAVILL. If you don't know who this man is I urge you to oogle take a gander at the pictures below... drool away folks, drool away. 

look at that bone structure... 
   I KNOW,  RIGHT? Henry (we're on a first name basis) gave me a thumbs up for our matching hats and strolled past me looking like a babe and being all beefy with his groceries while I did a double-take, scooped my jaw up off of the sidewalk and ran back to my room to tweet, Facebook update, and let my Dad know I had just seen the newest Superman/Duke from the Tudors/Tristan's friend in Tristan and Isolde/Theseus from Immortals/and all around beefcake walking about Kensington, among us mere mortals. My friends didn't believe me. I was too star-struck to include a name in my facebook status stating that I'd seen this lovely creature, so I lost some cred there. BUT- after providing and name and visual aids I got some believers and it turns out Hunky Hank makes regular appearances around these here parts. Miss Caroline Scott admitted to seeing him frequently and just thinking he was your average babe in London, but no no young Caroline...he is SO much more than that. The man, the myth the legend, Woody Thompson provided me with this little blurb of info on my new BFF: 

"Henry Cavill grew up in Jersey, Channel Islands. Jersey is his home but he is currently, in

his own words, "floating around the world." He has four brothers and a pet parrot. "

Good to know, Dad...good to know that Homeboy is currently "floating" in South Kensington...Now look how lovely this link fits in right here...

I'd climb that like a tree.
I don't dig the hair but... I can make it work

    I felt that this occurrence deserved a blog post, seeing that I haven't posted since Scotland and you all back at home (and my 5 readers in Russia and the 2 in Uzbekistan HI GUYS HI) need something to entertain yourselves until I return from Spring Break. WHICH bee tee dubs, I just officially finished booking! A week in Italy and 5 days in Barcelona ain't half bad for poor lil' ole me. Can't wait to eat everything and get sunburned...it's been a while since this skin has seen some UV rays- but I got my SPF  100- yeah, they make it go that high, and yeah, I know all sunscreen is useless past 30 but it's a mind over matter kind of thing. I'll be lucky if I get some new freckles to add to this connect-the-dots game. 

Arrivederci (that's Italian) and Adios (that's not Italian) until I get back from El vacación!


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